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The University of Florida’s mission is fourfold — teaching, research, scholarship and service. Our students, faculty and staff embrace the ideal of sharing the benefits of our research and knowledge for the public good. UF serves the state, the nation and world by contributing to a well-qualified and broadly diverse citizenry, leadership and workforce.

In that spirit, the university offers a variety of programs in which Gators can engage with the community and serve as good and supportive partners. Some of these programs include:





UF’s annual employee giving campaign. All UF employees can participate by making charitable donations though payroll deduction, cash, check, credit card or stock contribution. For the last 12 years, UF employees have given almost $1 million annually to charities serving our region.

Visit UFCC思茅台国兴设备有限公司



A campaign that links UF and area organizations in need of volunteers – further enhancing the UF community impact.

Visit Gators Volunteer永州如寿正有限公司



The center provides educational programs, workshops, and conferences; coordinates community service, leadership, and service learning opportunities for students.

Visit the Center for Leadership and Service临沂满浩光贸易有限公司



An online resource where those interested in serving the community will find a wealth of information about opportunities to do so.

View Campus Community Outreach Efforts铜川国东鼎机械有限公司



An annual 26.2 hour event benefiting the patients of UF Health Shands Children's Hospital. Each year, more than 800 students stay awake and on their feet to raise money and awareness for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. In the 23 years, more than $15.2 million has been donated, making it the most successful student-run philanthropy in the Southeast.

Visit UF Dance Marathon侯马源伟和贸易有限公司



Gator Connect is the online guide to student organizations at UF! All registered student organizations are listed in this system, and students, faculty, and staff can contact organizations and learn about an organization’s purpose or upcoming events. To find an organization that fits your interest, you can search by keyword or category. Use the “Community/Volunteer Service” category to find student organizations that have a strong service component.

Visit Gator Connect绍兴德弘厚科技有限公司

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